Gordon Engineering Corp. PC1000 Proxagard

Input Voltage 115 or 230 VAC, selectable; single phase;50/60 Hz; +/- 15%   Coupler epoxy encapsulated - impervious to water, dirt & oil
Power Consumption 8 VA Coupler Power Out 1mW maximum
Frequency Range 160 kHz - 400 kHz Coupler Cable 10 feet (3m) standard - longer lengths available
System Reaction 25 mS Indicators and Controls mode indicators: self-check, run, tune, set alarm and antenna fault alarm light
Self-Check continuous, independent of machine cycle bargraph: displays alarm point and sensing field
Antenna Size up to 150 linear feet (45m) or 750 pF of capacitance keypad: reset, tune, set alarm and set warning, with access code
keylock: prevents unauthorized changes of settings
Sensitivity Range up to 28 inches (711 mm) radius from antenna depends on antenna design Enclosure NEMA 12, industrial plastic

10.2 inches X 6.1 inches X 4.0 inches

(259mm x 154mm x 102mm)

Stop Output Load Rating resistive 2.5A, 115 VAC Mounting vertical or horizontal - to any bulkhead, chassis or panel
resistive 1.25A, 230 VAC
inductive .25A, 115 VAC
inductive .125A, 230 VAC
Stop Output Contact normally closed, safety rated relay Weight 6 lbs. (2.7 Kg)
Warning Output Load Rating 8A, 115/230 VAC Environment unaffected by dirt, grease, vibration, etc.
Warning Output Contact normally open temperature: 0 F - 130 F
Approvals C-UL, US Listed humidity: 0 - 95% R. H.
Listings Tested to UL 508 & CSA C22.2 No 14-95

Download the PC1000 Operating Manual  (2.5Mb - PC1000 Manual.PDF)

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